Ice Cream taste-testing

Ice Cream taste-testing

Greenwood has a variety of spots for ice cream.

I decided to find the best. In order to compare the ice cream accurately, I decided I would just get a single scoop of a similar flavor at each location I went to. The first place I went to was Coldstone Creamery. Since it was the only large chain I went to, I had the lowest expectations for it, since I generally associate smaller chains with better food. I ordered a “like it” size cup of coffee ice cream, and my friend ordered the same size of German chocolate cake. Of all the places I went, the service was quickest, but I would say the ice cream was the worst. Two servings of ice cream came out to $8, so it was pricier than others. It was not bad, but the coffee tasted stale, and I was ultimately unimpressed. The German chocolate cake was much better, but so rich I could not imagine eating more than a couple bites.

Next was Mrs. Curls. This one had the longest line of all of them, which is what I expected. Mrs. Curls has been a staple location in Greenwood for years and has definitely earned the title. The actual building is underwhelming, but the pricing and flavor variety outweigh the bad. They did not offer a singular cup of ice cream, so I decided to order a flavor burst with chocolate ice cream and coffee flavoring. The price for one flavor burst came out to just over $2.Their coffee was the sweetest and tasted more like an overpriced latte than home-brewed coffee. That being said, I still enjoyed it and would order the flavor burst again but probably with a different flavoring added in.

Ritters was the place I was most excited to go to, since it is my mom’s favorite. When we arrived, it was fairly busy, and we resigned ourselves to waiting for awhile. After about 15 minutes, they were prepared with our order- a scoop of coffee ice cream and, for my friend, the chocolate peanut butter. Ritters was also the priciest of all four, costing around $6 for two cups, which still is not bad. We ate on one of the outdoor tables, and of the last three, this one was my favorite. The coffee was not overwhelming, and tasted the most like espresso. The chocolate peanut butter had a good mix of both, and the texture was great.

Handels was the last one and by far my favorite. When I asked for a scoop of coffee ice cream, the person working the window told me they were out. They did have enough for me to sample it, and that was enough for me to say it was definitely the best coffee flavor of any of the places. It tasted like coffee without being burnt and had chocolate chips mixed in for texture. Since I was not able to get an entire scoop of coffee, I decided to order the strawberry cheesecake while my friend ordered the banana cream pie. Handels also had the best selection of flavors of any of the stores, with options ranging from regular vanilla to key lime pie. My strawberry cheesecake was incredible and probably the best ice cream I have had in years. The cheesecake bits were mixed in, making for the perfect texture. It was not too rich, and I could picture myself eating a couple scoops. The banana cream pie tasted exactly like a banana Laffy Taffy, which translated well into ice cream.

My vote for best ice cream definitely goes to Handel’s. That being said, I would pick Coldstone for best service and Mrs. Curls for best pricing. Ritters was good, but did not stand out in any areas. I look forward to trying each of them again, especially Handel’s variety of flavors.