coach guipe returns


With the new school year starting, there are a lot of new faces in this year’s coaching staff across the school. One in particular is returning football coach, Mr. Rick Guipe.

One thing no one can deny is how well respected Coach Guipe is by his fellow coaches.

“Rick Guipe is the best football coach I’ve ever been around. He taught me 99 percent of what I know so it is great to have him around, and we are good friends, but I just think the most important thing is that a great football coach who really cares about his kids is out their helping those kids and making them get a lot more out of it,” Mr. Jerrod Watson strength coach said

Having Coach Guipe on the staff gives the team a boost just off his experience from previous years.

“Having Coach Guipe back on the coaching staff is really helpful. He has a lot of experience coaching on the defensive side of the ball, and that really helps the DBs in practice. He has really helped clean up and fine tune the secondary, “senior Gavin Ruppert linebacker said

Not only is he here to help out the team but to help out his friends on the staff.

“You know technically I’m just a volunteer, and I’m only doing it part time, but I am enjoying it. I told Doug Raker, our defensive coordinator, that I would come and help him. He has been a huge help to me in a lot of things.

The coaches are happy to have him back, and the players are, too.

“This is my first year with having Coach Guipe as my coach, and I can tell just from the stuff he has said to me and taught me that he has years and years of experience under his belt. He knows what he’s talking about back their with the safeties and the other defensive backs and I couldn’t be happier to have someone back their like him helping me out, “senior Noah Apgar said