Black Friday store… Was it worth it?


Black Friday, a store in Mooresville that sells unclaimed Amazon packages and returns, recently went viral on TikTok for its low prices and interesting concepts.

I decided to visit the store and see if it was worth the hype. Before going, the first thing I did was look up reviews on Google. The store was rated three stars with complaints of inconsistent hours and long wait times. What jumped out at me right away was reports of a uniformed police officer who stood there in case people tried to open packages or look items up on their phone. They have a strict policy against opening up packages or looking up items on your phone, which means that what people buy is often a surprise.

The drive was about 30 minutes from my house. I noticed that there was no wait to get in, which many of the reviews had complained about. I went on $2 Wednesday, a day where they price everything at $2. The employees told me that there is usually not a wait unless you go on 25 cent Thursday or a weekend. Once I walked in, I saw that the store was almost completely empty with only around 10 customers. There was no officer, but the staff did tell me that there was usually one there on their busier days.

The format of the store was intimidating and reminded me of the Goodwill bins. There are around twenty bins, each one filled with random products. Going through it, I realized that almost everything being sold was worthless, destroyed, or still in its package with no labeling. Digging through the bins got boring after a few minutes, but I continued and was able to go through every bin. Even after looking through everything, the store did not seem worth the drive or time. While the concept was interesting, the execution failed.

After digging through all the bins, there were only a few things I found that seemed to be worth anything. I found multiple phone cases, some children’s toys in good condition, and a Betty Boop kitchen set. There were a couple clothing items still in packages, but it was impossible to see what size or what they were. The end results were disappointing and did not make up for the long trip and bad organization.

While there was no wait, the rest of my complaints were similar to the ones I saw online. It was badly organized, difficult to sort through, and provided nothing of real value. It was interesting to visit, and I would not say I regret going, but I will not be visiting again, and I would not recommend the store to anyone else.