Woodmen welcome new teachers


A new school year means new faces in the classroom.

GHS welcomed some new teachers, and all three of them have experience.

Mr. Harold Ducote, special education teacher, is far from a rookie and is starting his tenth year of teaching.

“I taught special education, math and social studies in Indianapolis Public Schools for nine years. I was also an elementary school principal. I then worked for two years in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis,” Mr. Ducote said.

One of the new faculty members knows quite a bit about the Woodmen through her family and friends.

“I am very familiar with Greenwood and had many friends who attended here. Being as my mother taught on the southside for 30 years, I consistently heard about teachers wanting to land positions in the Greenwood school district. You folks are fortunate to have some of the best teachers in the area,” Mrs. Madeleine Waters, business teacher, said.

In the Music Department, a new band director has been brought in — just two years since the last time this position changed. He has experience under his belt.

“I intend to honor the important traditions of the band program. It is always important to take inventory of traditions to make sure they represent what is right and honorable about the program and the people in it,” Mr. Luke Aylsworth, band director, said.

These teachers plan on making their current roles long-term.

“I would like to stay here for a long time. My goal is to help students realize they have incredible potential and can really do great things,” Mr. Ducote said.

There are a number of goals these teachers have and hope to reach during their time here. The new band director is looking forward to an active band competition season.

“The band program at Greenwood belongs to the students, school and community. I hope I can help maintain and improve the program so those stakeholders are always proud of the Greenwood Marching Woodmen and Irish Guard. Our goal will always be to improve every day, every practice, every season and every performance,” Mr. Aylsworth said.