Making bank


Summer jobs are an easy and fun way to make money, but as the school year rolls in, empty pockets are noticeable. Finding a job that fits with busy schedules during the school year keeps the money flowing.

The first job is the most important. Junior Lily Hommell just started her first job at Oaken Barrel and is excited to make money and have responsibility.

“I have been working as a hostess at Oaken Barrel for around three weeks. I just recently turned 16, so this is actually my first job because I wasn’t able to work any substantial jobs until now. After just a few weeks of working and being in control of everything, I have gained plenty of social skills. I have to talk to many people daily so I have quickly learned how to greet people,” Hommell said.

Sophomore Hannah Miscik recently started her first job at Chick-fil-a.

“I’ve worked at Chick-fil-a for about three months. I started in June when summer began and plan on continuing throughout the school year. This is my first job so I wanted to start off easy in the summer with short shifts and increasingly get longer ones as I learn more and become more comfortable,” Miscik said.

Senior Lilly Mull has years of experience working. Mull also began her first job at Chick-fil-a.

“I have been working for almost four years. I began my first job at Chick-fil-a at the end of freshman year and recently transferred to a retail job when I was of age. I work at Pacsun now and have been working there since the beginning of July,” Mull said.

The wages teenagers get paid are seldom high. Hommell hopes tips and promotions will aid in making more money in the future.

“My expected wages are to make about $8 an hour because I am just a hostess and I am new to the job, so I have yet to get a promotion. I also don’t get very many tips as a hostess,” Hommell said.

Hommell said communicating and making customers happy are the most difficult parts of her job.

“The most difficult tasks to perform are making sure everyone wants to sit where they prefer to sit without someone else getting angry. As a hostess, I am supposed to keep a smile on my face and keep the customer happy, but it can be difficult when one customer’s happiness is at the mercy of another customer,” Hommell said.

According to Miscik, working at a fast food place is more difficult than it seems because she deals with food.

“The most difficult tasks I’ve had to do were bagging and making the shakes. You always have to make sure you are moving as fast and you can and with the most accuracy in each order. When making the shakes, there are certain recipes you must keep in mind and make sure you make it to the difficult customers’ liking,” Miscik said.

Mull’s years of experience help her connect with her coworkers to make the difficulties in her job easier.

“My most difficult task is dealing with angry customers. During our busy season, people get a lot more impatient and it makes my job very hard. However, managing difficult customers has taught me to relax a bit and work better with others. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and we help balance each other out,” Mull said.

Hommell said being confident makes the daily tasks at work easier.

“A helpful tip is just to be confident in whatever you are doing or performing. Everyone has to mess up at least once, so stressing out over something small will only make your mood worse and your job harder,” Hommell said.

Miscik said starting a job at a young age can impact teenagers. It provides essential life skills.

“Although it may not seem important, having a part-time job during your teen years will help so much in the future.  You will learn multiple lessons and meet new people, especially working in fast food.  You aren’t going to get everything right all the time, so you just have to learn and understand what the customer has to say and work to help them to the best of your ability,” Miscik said.

Jobs during high school not only impact teenagers’ life skills, but they also can create lifelong friendships and connections.

“When you work, you are forced to talk to new people and learn new skills. I have made some amazing friends through the jobs that I’ve had and my jobs have helped me break out of my shell and become a more outgoing person,” Mull said.