Outer Banks S2 finally on Netflix

The show, Outer Banks, is a binge worthy Netflix original that came out right as the long spring 2020 quarantine hit. The show’s popularity grew quickly. It took producers a year and a half to come out with Season 2 which left fans anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. Now, fans finally got what they had been waiting for. Like season 1, Season 2 has 10 episodes filled with action, humor, and, of course, teenage drama.

Season 1 is focused on teens who raced to find a hidden treasure. They are competing with a powerful figure with influence in their town. Even though their enemy is clearly the show’ antagonist, he had authority on his side. This sent the two main characters on the run in the last episode.

Season 2 has the main two characters on the run, and this continues for the first two episodes until they eventually make their way back home. They have to clear their names while their friends search for another treasure while competing with two groups more powerful than themselves.

Like many others, I watched season two as soon as it came out. It only took me three days because I was watching it every spare moment I had. I had been waiting for this for a year and a half. I was a little disappointed watching the second season, however. It was filled with action and adventure which was entertaining, but I missed the character development. I understand that being on the run makes it hard to have a social life, but I wish I had gotten to see more of the character’s chemistry.

That said, after the first few episodes, there was more drama and social interaction. We see more budding relationships between new and old characters. The characters are funny in the way that it seems like the writers understand Gen Z culture and write to appeal to that. Even in the face of very serious situations, the characters are cracking jokes, things that I could hear my friends saying because they write with our generation’s vernacular.

I do recommend watching Outer Backs to viewer who like shows packed with action and adventure but also have soft spots for teenage romance. Season 2 ended in a way that make me hopeful that three will be a season three. With the amount of attention that Season 2 got in such a short time, I would be surprised if producers end the show now.