Return to the Woodshed


Elijah Poe, Editor in Chief

With a new year, Greenwood Community Schools start off with a new superintendent, Dr. Terry Terhune. Although new to the administration, he certainly is no new to Greenwood.

“My connection to Greenwood goes back awhile. I was born and raised here. I am a Greenwood alum. After I got married, me and my wife moved back home to Greenwood, and before we knew it we had three of our kids at Isom Elementary,” Dr. Terry Terhune said.

It is no doubt Dr. Terhune had a great grow up in Greenwood, and he plans to give back to students.

“This last summer when Dr. D retired, I was given the opportunity to apply, and it’s been exciting to be able to come back. I view it as Greenwood has provided me with the foundation to be successful through academics, citizenship, and just being a good person. I want to give back and continue those types of things so every kid can have the same positive experience that I had,” Dr. Terry Terhune said.

The previous superintendent Dr. Kent DeKonick won Superintendent of Year. Dr. Terhune looks to keep things moving along.

“It’s tough because he was so well-loved. He knew everybody and was very outgoing. He was Superintendent of the Year last year so those are big shoes to fill, but the way I view it is that I am just going to be me, and do the best I can. I cannot be Kent, I have to be Terry Terhune,” Dr. Terhune said.

Principal Todd Garrison, has high hopes for the new superintendent.

“I am excited to begin a new school year with Dr. Terhune. He and I worked together in a two-year program called Indiana Principal Leadership Academy, and I am excited to continue that relationship. Superintendents must be familiar and support community values. As a Greenwood Schools graduate and resident, Dr. Terhune is at a great advantage in making decisions that fit our community schools,” Mr. Garrison said.

Dr. Terhune is setting goals.

“The things I would like to focus on are becoming visible and getting to know people really well. Beyond being visible, I want to focus on instruction and be able to improve that instruction. We have really good teachers doing really good things, and we want to keep that. Even how we look at teachers to evaluate and maybe make that a better system and work with teachers to improve on that. I feel like Greenwood does really good things, and we produce really high quality graduates, so why would we change something that is not broken,” he said.

Dr. Terhune stresses the importance of social media to connect with the community.

“Part of that is being physical and letting people know that I am available in buildings if it’s activities and events. I’ve been to a couple of open houses, and that is just to connect with people and to really support our kids,” Dr. Terhune said.

With stepping into a new role like the superintendent, Dr. Terhune has high hopes. “Greenwood is a great place for our kids to learn and grow up. I also want to make it for our adults who work here to learn and keep growing to get better. When that happens, it will be even better for our kids,” Dr. Terhune said.