Choir to Visit Windy City


Choir competitions are a great way to express musical talent and be rewarded for skill, but sometimes a leisure trip solely for fun and education can be just as rewarding.

Choir members are taking a break from competing to experience the thrill of the Windy City from March 30-April 1. Choir Director Mr. Dan Borns said the trip is going to consist of bonding activities.

“The trip is mainly just to have a good time and to get to know each other better, but we also are going to do a Broadway teaching workshop with some Broadway performers and see a show,” Mr. Borns said.

Senior Lilly Mull, choir president, said the trip has the potential to make the group closer.

“Even though there is a chance only a small amount of our group can go, the chance to travel to Chicago is enough of a reason to still enjoy the trip,” Mull said.

Students are going to experience singing as a group.

“The workshop is a big part of the total cost per person, but we are raising money through fundraisers and selling ads in our concert programs. Fundraising can help pay all of the trip, but any other costs can be raised outside of the department and out of our own pockets,” Gardner said.

Chicago is expensive, so students are utilizing every avenue to pay for the costly trip.

“I am fundraising most of the cost for myself, and then my parents are helping to pay the rest. The price is definitely a big expense, but the chance for us to grow closer as a group is worth it,” Mull said.

Along with personal fundraising, Mr. Borns said students are able to participate in group fundraising.

“To help pay for the trip, we have been doing fundraisers, such as our fall mum fundraiser, and we are also going to be selling some other items like wrapping paper and candles after Fall Break. We also have a poinsettia sale later in the year,” he said.

COVID restrictions will likely be stricter, and the trip could get cancelled due to the circumstances.

“We will be wearing masks whenever we are indoors. The trip also has the potential to be cancelled if COVID cases rise again, which is very likely in Chicago,” Mull said.