Student embrace hobbies to relieve stress

student life


A student’s life is not complete without taking a break from all the stress by doing something fun.

Freshman Chris Bassler explained what his hobbies are as he enjoys them with his family.

“I like to go to the Suds and look for tri-five Chevys. I enjoy listening to music a lot, mainly 70’s and 80’s rock. I hang out with my older brother and sister, who are former graduates here, at their apartment. I like being around my dog, Molly, and I go to Freedom Park and run all the time to stay in shape and eat healthily. I help my dad out around the house, and we watch college football and the Colts together. I also enjoy playing football, too. It is a lot of fun being with my friends all day and I love playing with them,” Bassler said.

Freshman Avery Guilfoy explained how her hobbies include staying in shape and being with her family.

“Outside of school, I like to work out. I like cleaning and organizing things, and I enjoy baking with my mom. I really enjoy hanging out with my sister. We like to go shopping, out to eat, and spending time together. We also enjoy working out together too. We like to run and work out at home. It’s a great way to have a close bond before she leaves for college. Spending time with her is great because it keeps us close and gives me something to look forward to after school. We go to school every day together too, so it’s fun to listen to music in the car,” Guilfoy said.

Sophomore Brock Riddle explained his hobbies and what he and his friends do outside of school.

“Out of school, I like to spend my time with my friends going to school sporting events and watching games. Going to the Sectional game vs Franklin last year with my friends was fun.  It was an intense game, and the student section was pretty loud. We ended up winning, too. Anytime our school wins, it is a great feeling. I love being a part of it whether it is playing the sport or being part of the student section. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and talk about stuff we enjoy. I also enjoy playing football for the school. Being around my friends makes it a lot of fun to play. I love being out on the field hearing all the fans screaming and cheering when a big play happens. There’s really not a better feeling either after a win for our school,” Riddle said.

Senior Olivia Brenton shared her hobbies and how she enjoys working with kids at her job.

“My hobbies are hiking and hanging out with family and friends, and I like traveling and working with kids at daycare. I really enjoy my job. All the kids like me, and it makes them super fun to be around,” said Brenton.

Senior Aaron Rothaar explained his passion for fishing and hunting with his love to be outside.

“I love hunting and fishing. They are both awesome things to do because it is so peaceful and it gives me an adrenaline rush while doing it. My best catch while fishing was a 7.3 pound bass, and my biggest animal I hunted down was a 500 pound wild boar. Both hunting and fishing are fun to do, and they are my favorite things to do in my free time outside of school.