GHS steps up to help out

GHS steps up to help out

From the last week in August to the first week in September, GHS stepped up to help those who were hurt by Hurricane Ida.

Mr. Kevin Leineweber, science teacher, took charge of the water drive. Mr. Leineweber saw the problems and danger that the hurricane victims were in and immediately talked to Principal Todd Garrison to set up a bottled water drive.

This is not the first time GHS has stepped up to help the community. Winterization is also something that GHS does every year to help elderly residents by raking leaves, cleaning trash, and simply providing for the community to be better.

Last year with Trunk-or-Treat, GHS clubs were able to be a safe Halloween venue during COVID-19.

The canned food drive that GHS does is able to help out food banks, and the food donated goes to families who need it. It’s a yearly tradition that is able to help and support people in need.

Without a doubt, it is important that GHS students do things like this to show people that we care about others instead of just ourselves and that we can help the community when needed.