New director, New uniforms, New show


Conner Peckinpaugh, Impact Editor in Chief

After a year without competitions, the Marching Woodmen and Irish Guard prepare for a full season with a new director and a new look.

“It is kind of nice to have a fresh start or new beginning,” Mr. Luke Aylsworth, director, said. “Ironically, every school and every job that I’ve taken, I’ve walked into a new uniform purchase. I’ve worked with three different schools, and I’ve walked into a uniform purchase that was already happening at each of those schools.”

The band hopes to be trendsetters in the marching arts.

“Any time new uniforms are worn for the first time or seen on the field, it energizes both the spectators and the members that this is something new and different,” senior Samantha Fletcher, drum major, said. “Every football game and contest, when spectators see the yellow and black, they know that it’s Greenwood. Greenwood has always had an image that other marching bands know and try to imitate.”

The new show holds a lot of symbolism for members as well. This year’s show gives thanks to men and women in the military as they return home from deployment.

“The message is relatable to a lot of people in that we all know service men and women that have been deployed that have to reintegrate back into society, and I think that we all appreciate the sacrifices that they have made in order to make sure that we can enjoy the lives that we live,” Mr. Aylsworth said.

As the season boots up, the consequence of a year without competing is starting to affect the band.

“Personally, I think the band will struggle at the beginning of the season,” junior Eric Ratliff soloist said. “We have so many underclassmen that don’t understand what it’s like to be put in front of hundreds of peoples’ eyes, and they’ll be surprised by it. As the season goes on, I think the band will start to improve as we get later into the season once everyone gets a feel of what it’s like.”

Along with the new experience for younger marchers, the whole band is experiencing a new director.

“I think that the students have handled the transition extremely well. Not only the transition to a new director, but also the transition out of COVID,” Mr. Aylsworth said. “Trying to get ourselves back to a normal situation where two of the classes don’t even know what normal is because they haven’t marched in a season before. The older members have done a great job of trying to reestablish what the traditions and expectations are, and I think the quality of the performance up to this point is on par for what we can expect for Greenwood bands to be performing at this time of year.”

The band performed at the Brownsburg invitational on Saturday, September 11th, and placed first. They also performed in exhibition on the 18th at their own invitational. They perform tonight at homecoming and tomorrow at Ben Davis.