Student section back and better than ever


Ethan Pringle, sports editor

From a player’s standpoint, there is nothing better than going onto the field or court and looking up to see a packed house full of students ready to cheer.

It is good to get students to every game, not just Friday night lights.

“I try to go to every sports event I can. When I go, I try to bring as many people with me as I can. Football games are super fun but everyone goes to those ,which is great, but I enjoy going to all the sports and cheering on as many sports as possible,” junior Dylan Pringle said.

The best part about the student sections are the themes when everyone participates in them

“My favorite things about the student section are seeing everyone dress up for the theme and also seeing how pumped up everyone gets. We all have some friends that are on the field or court, and we all get super excited for them,” senior Jenna Armstrong said.

There has been an increase in students getting to more games this year because fans were so limited last year and also because of the new Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC).

“The SAAC program has helped attendance by just simply bringing more attention to the games and getting the word out. The biggest hit has definitely been volleyball. It helps when a few students encourage other students to come, and over time the stands just fill up,” senior Dylan Mayhew said.

One of biggest events this year involving the student section was undoubtedly the goose with Whiteland.

“Marvin, or known as the goose, has been an icon/mascot for Whitelands cross country team longer than I’ve been in high school. About two years ago, I became friends with a group of guys over there, and one of them happened to be on their team. Once I learned about Marvin, I always made jokes to my friend, and our cross country team about stealing him, but I never thought I would,” Senior CJ Meyers said

Despite thinking he would never end up stealing the goose, the perfect time to do it was during a meet between the two teams.

“ So on Saturday, August 21, our team was in Plainfield for the relays. There are tons of schools at these invitationals, and Whiteland happened to be one of them. After our girls and boys team finished their races, Selena Pinon told me that Marvin was sitting at Whiteland’s camp unguarded, so I walked over there to check things out. There were only two people sitting over there, and one of them was facing the goose. The other guy happened to be my friend because I had played on a baseball team with him. He was asleep so I woke him up and told him I was going to steal the goose to see if he would let me, but he didn’t,” Myers said

But that was not the end.

“ I ended up talking to him for a minute to distract him. I eventually told him I was leaving so he could finish his nap. Once he laid down I walked off with the goose. It was all mine. I got back to our team camp, and everyone was laughing and what not. If you don’t know Marvin, he is orange and blue and sticks out like a sore thumb so we covered him in Greenwood shirts to hide him,” Myers said.