Shang-Chi action entices viewers

Shang-Chi action entices viewers

Marvel’s Shang-Chi film is a new action-packed movie. The film follows a martial artist named Shang-Chi through his journey to save his mother’s village.

Shang-Chi’s father is also a martial artist who has the power of the 10 rings. These rings boost his power, allowing him to be all mighty and feared. Shang-Chi trains with his aunt to be able to reach his father’s level. Shang-Chi, his sister, and his best friend Katy work together with the village to defeat the evil spirits that Shang-Chi’s father is determined to free.

Personally, I watched this movie as soon as it came out, and I loved it. It has a beautiful mix of action and comedy. Throughout the movie, viewers get to see lots of action scenes, but they include some laughable moments, too. I enjoyed the storyline, but I wish that I could have seen a little romance. Shang-Chi goes on his journey with his best friend, Katy. They go through the movie as a power duo. I was expecting a moment where they finally connected as more than friends, but it never happened. I could tell that the chemistry was there, but they never pursued it. I hope that they show their chemistry in other ways in a sequel.

The beginning was a little confusing. They started with the story between his mother and father, which had little to no context until later. They soon jump to Shang-Chi and Katy being valets and doing karaoke. The audience did not know who they were until later as well. They jump from having fun in San Francisco to a big fight scene on a bus. We soon get context, but in the moment, it is very hard to follow. The action and comedy made the movie enjoyable to watch. I talked with my friends who also watched the movie, and they agreed that the action and comedy worked very well together to help the story become more lighthearted and fun.

I definitely recommend this movie. The mix of genres made the movie entertaining, and I would love to see a second one. They chose many details that appealed to Generation Z. The music choices, vernacular, and type of comedy worked to appeal to Gen Z and their interests.