Homecoming 2021


Kate Beaman, Reporter

Homecoming week is one of the biggest events for high school students.

The Homecoming game is a crowd favorite.

“Homecoming takes at least a month in preparation, so Student Council had a summer meeting towards the end of July to get the ball rolling on homecoming ideas and what direction we wanted to take everything. Homecoming involves the football game, a parade, a pep rally and powderpuff, so with a huge amount of stuff we have to get ready and prepare for,” Emily Metzger, junior Student Council president said.

Fundraisers and donations are also a huge part of the process.

“We started preparing for Homecoming the day school started. Since our first meeting, we have been planning fundraisers and events to include in the whole homecoming process,” sophomore Katie Newett, Student Council member, said.

The decision of the Spirit Days were based on students’ opinions and voting.

“Student Council’s overall goal is to get every student in this high school to be a part of or help influence the decisions we make, especially for Spirit Day themes. The Student Council picked out our top 10 themes we had liked and we decided that we would make a Google form for students in the school to vote on their Top 5 favorite Spirit Days. This way, students were able to decide what they wanted to wear for Homecoming Week instead of them not participating because the themes weren’t liked by them,” Metzger said.

Homecoming Court was also a student opinion based vote.

“For Homecoming Court, students choose someone who they thought should be put on the ballot. After a couple days, the Homecoming Court ballot was made. The students then vote for their top choices and the winners,” junior Ava Stein, Student Council member, said.

Each member of the Student Council had a role to help in the Homecoming process, but the main focus was group effort.

“It took us about two weeks with many people helping and working together. We made themes, we talked to people that would help make the powderpuff and cheer teams, and designed and printed posters and flyers to hang. It was a true team effort,” freshman Rhyan Pierce, Student Council member said.

The football game is tonight, at 7 p.m., The Woodmen will play Perry Meridian.

“Homecoming this year should be way better than last year. We are hoping that everyone has a great time at the game. During halftime, the band will be playing their new show for the community,” Stein said.

The game is expected to be exciting.

“The Homecoming football game is always a big event. Many students and people from the community attend. The band will be performing at halftime. The varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders will be cheering. And to add even more fun, the girls from the minis cheer camp will also be cheering during the first quarter. Events before Homecoming, such as powderpuff and the pep rally, were intended to bring more excitement for the football game,” Pierce said.