Should Teens be Allowed to Trick-Or-Treat?


Justin Waddell, Reporter

Trick-or treating is thought to be a holiday for only children, but teenagers should not be cut off from enjoying the tradition of Halloween.

Participating in trick-or treating keeps them busy and out of trouble. Halloween is known for pranks and mischief, but teenagers would stay out of trouble and not participate in illegal activities if they are trick or treating. Instead, they will be busy walking around door to door in costumes asking for candy. They do not have to go alone; they can, of course, go with a group of friends.

Trick and treating is a perfect time to socialize and take a break from general stress. Dressing up in costumes can be a great way for some people to take a break from reality and have childish fun. Teens can walk around with their friends and have a good time with the incentive of getting free candy. Overall, teens can use Halloween to embrace their childish side before it is considered too weird to go trick or treating; an adult trick or treater is weird. It is the last time to be a child before high school ends.

Trick or treating can also be a good time to spend time with younger siblings to be good role models while having an excuse to get candy. It is a great way to go off on their own and to take younger siblings around the neighborhood while spending time with them.

Although teens can have parties to socialize and keep out of trouble, trick or treating should not be out of the picture if teenagers want to go. Parties are great but could lead to trouble while trick or treating is more harmless, childish fun.

Teenagers deserve to have just as much fun on Halloween as everyone else and should not be looked down upon because they decide to dress up. Trick or treating should be enjoyed by everyone under the age of 18 and should be an enjoyable, stress free evening.