Devious Licks simply ridiculous


Elijah Poe, Editor In Chief

The new Tik-Tok trend “Devious Licks” has taken the nation by storm, and also impacted GHS itself.

The trend is very simple. Viewers are supposed to destructively steal something from their schools: carpet, mirrors, soap dispensers, etc. They are supposed to post the event while celebrating their destruction.

All for a trend, GHS students who participate are actually hurting the rest of us. By destroying bathrooms and ripping off soap dispensers, all they are doing is leaving us without items we need. Closing down the school during events, like the band invitational, and closing off restrooms during the school day impacts students more than anyone else. We are the people who are inconvenienced because a few of us are so immature that we follow a ridiculous TikTok.

The TikTok trend in the end is just theft and destruction. That is all it is.

We are fortunate to attend a school that is not littered with trash and graffiti. If something is broken, we have a janitorial staff that shifts into gear and repairs it, and we have an administration that has budgeted to make that possible. When drinking fountains were shut down due to COVID precautions, we had water bottle filling stations appear in the school simply to make our lives easier.

Because these TikTok challenges are bound to grown both in number and intensity, the Timberlines staff urges students to recognize them for what they are: ridiculous videos posted by people who are hoping students will disregard everything they know is right to destroy our school. We are better than that.