Why teens should not trick or treat



Teens, especially ones past the age of 16, should stay out of the trick or treat festivities for Halloween.

It takes the fun out of trick or treating for the younger kids because the older teens can get in the way. Trick or treating is a childhood tradition, and it should really stop being one once we get older.

Getting candy for free is something that should just be for kids, as older teens are just a few years away from becoming adults, and there is never any adults out trick or treating. Teens are also able to pay for their own candy because most have jobs. Kids cannot pay for their candy, and the candy is what makes the trick or treating so enjoyable for them as they get so much of it throughout Halloween night.

Some parents also think that teens should not be trick or treating. The costumes are a big part of why they want teens out of trick or treating, as some of the costumes teens wear are not kid-appropriate. Parents think that the costumes take away the fun for their kids, and it makes them uncomfortable for their kids to see some of the costumes. Teens also normally go in groups with friends to go trick or treating, and it can get in the way of the younger kids with their parents trying to create memories with their children.

Teens should focus on handing out candy more than their involvement in the actual trick or treating. Young kids seeing teens handing out candy and complimenting their costumes means so much. Seeing a kid’s smile when they get the candy is wholesome, and it makes everyone happy.