Favorite stores in the mall


Kate Beaman, reporter

A teenage girl is in the Greenwood Park Mall franticly looking for the perfect dress from Forever 21. Then she races to Dry Goods, but she eventually finds what she wants at Francesca’s.

“I go to the mall about once every two weeks. I love it because it makes me happy and I love shopping. I like seeing all the options and there is so much to choose from Pacsun is expensive. I think that Pacsun is more expensive than me going to all these different places. For example, I could get four things at Forever 21 for the price of one shirt at Pacsun,” junior Delaney Davis said.

Many students go to the mall to shop for clothing.

“My favorite store at the mall is Pacsun. I love how they are keeping up with the trends of teenage girls and the clothes. I love all the accessories and the fun of it,” Davis said.

Although the mall has many clothing stores, a variety of other stores are also available.

“My favorite store would have to be Bath and Body Works because I can get candles, wall plug-ins, and anything to do with body care. There’s such a wide variety of scents.” junior Chloe Moebs said.

Athletic stores are also very popular among shoppers.

“My favorite place in the mall is Dicks Sporting Goods because they have a lot of athletic wear and sports equipment. Products from Dicks are what I’m interested in,” freshman Wyatt Peterson said.

The Greenwood Park Mall offers multiple restaurants in their food court.

“I go to the mall once every other week. Every time I go, I end up hungry and finding my way to the food court. I either get Chick-fil-a or Charley’s Philly Steaks,” sophomore Damien Giraldo said.

The price of items compared to the quality of items plays an important role when shopping.

“My favorite store in the mall is Yankee Candle because they always have really good scents. And they always have good sales. The candles are $4 dollars at Bath and Body Works. Yankees last a lot longer and smell stronger. I think the quality is more important. I’d rather pay more money for something nice that will last then something cheap that will have to be replaced overnight,” junior Luke Wright said.

Some students have different opinions on prices and quality.

“I don’t think price really matters when it comes to home and body care stores, but clothing I think it does matter because there are specific items that are overpriced when they shouldn’t be such as jeans.” Moebs said.

Stores with multiple brands make shopping easier for shoppers.

“I like more brands. I love the variety of everything. It makes the shopping trip quicker as well. My favorite store with multiple brands is Buckle,” Wright said.

Teenagers have to pay attention to the amount of money they spend, how often they shop, and time management while shopping.

“Since I’m a teenager, I don’t have a lot of money so I’m careful on how I spend it. I’d rather think I look better in something rather than how it was made. I like stores with more brands. I love a variety of everything. It makes the shopping trip quicker as well,” Davis said.