Fall fashion trends


As the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to fall, the fashion trends adapt and fluctuate to the biting conditions.

Senior Blake Jenne said the fall trends are back and offer a kick of vintage.

“The current fall fashion trends are flannels, black skinny jeans, and basically anything vintage, and although flannels are sort of a typical fall piece, they are being used differently this year. People are layering their clothing with flannels and other sweaters,” Jenne said.

Senior Mya Foster said layering is a popular trend and also aids in the retro 90s look that many are striving for this fall season.

“There are a lot of vests and cardigans this year, and there are also a lot of specific colors. The cardigans are a basic, returning piece that is always a necessity in the cooler months, but the vests have only recently made a comeback. The vests are a good vintage style to add to any outfit to tie the look together,” Foster said.

According to an associate at American Eagle, the vintage 90s style is the sole focus of fashion this fall.

“The fashion trends this fall are definitely different than years prior, but it does still incorporate the mom jeans and loose fitting style that we have been adding in our store for the past few years. The clothing this year, however, does manage to play on the 90s vibe, which evidently makes it unique compared to last year’s designs,” she said.

Foster said her favorite statement this year is not a specific piece of clothing but instead is the general color scheme of fall.

“My favorite trends this year have to be the colors: the greys, the greens, the oranges, and basically anything dark. The color scheme also allows for the clothing to fade into the winter months. None of the colors are too bright, making them great for the dark and cozy theme of fall and winter,” Foster said.

Jenne, on the other hand, prefers ideal warmth in the winter months, so he sticks to dependable flannel to keep him warm and fashionable.

“My personal favorite fall trends are probably the diversity of a flannel. I can wear it so many different ways, and it keeps me warm in the chillier weather. I love the ‘cool-off’ vibe that goes along with flannels,” Jenna said.

Inspiration for this year’s trends comes from a multitude of sources, but the recreation of celebrity outfits is the leading influence.

“My main inspiration is Emma Chamberlain, who is probably a lot of girls’ inspiration, and also many Instagram models and influencers. They all have a similar style with the color scheme and the layering effect,” Foster said.

Urban Outfitters has been modelling their clothing after celebrities and popular fall fashion trends being displayed throughout the media.

“Our top five, most popular clothing items being sold right now are high-rise baggy jeans, seamless bra tops, cropped cardigans, corset tops, and slip dresses. We have been taking inspiration from multiple social media sources and also from the current popular fashion icons. The classic cardigans and baggy jeans are an essential during the fall and winter months, but the corset tops and slip dresses are a new appearance this year in our store,” an Urban Outfitters associate said.