Staffer takes the leap


Turning 18 is a rite of passage in many ways. Students can vote, buy lottery tickets, use a meat slicer at a deli, and so much more.

Senior Cooper Davis, however, decided to take a leap of faith and jump out of a plane to celebrate this momentous age.

“It had always sounded fun, and I realized I would be able to do it by my next birthday. I thought it would be a great way to celebrate it, and it would be a cool experience,” Davis said.

Jumping out of a plane that is roughly 5,000 feet in the air is not something that many people choose to experience in their lifetimes, but Davis was able to get a few different members of his family in on it.

“When I decided I was going, I called up my older brother to see if he had any interest. He said he might, which surprised me because it is not something he would usually do. He eventually said yes and drove down with us,” Davis said.

There were even some more unexpected guests who joined Davis.

“During the morning of the jump, my dad decided he didn’t want to miss out, and while we were watching our training video, my 76-year-old grandfather said he would jump too,” Davis said.

Going into it, though, his feelings were not all positive.

“The anxiety is terrible the day of. It’s like how you feel waiting in line for a big roller coaster, excited and a bit nervous. It’s nerve-racking when you get strapped in, when you get on the plane, and when they open the door,” Davis said.

All of the anxiety went away for Davis as he stepped out of the plane.

“But as soon as you take that jump, it’s insane. The anxiety is replaced with having the time of your life and having one of the most fun moments you have ever experienced,” he said.

Davis has even decided that he enjoyed the experience so much that when his friends can join him, he will be jumping again.

“I would definitely do it again and have already made plans to. My friends weren’t able to jump with me, but once they are all 18, we are planning on jumping together,” Davis said.

Davis felt that the experience was fairly priced at Skydive Indianapolis and definitely memorable.

“It was about $220 to jump, which felt pretty reasonable. It was an amazing gift for my parents to pay for and one birthday I will remember for sure,” Davis said.