Halloween movies

Halloween movies

Halloween movies are one of the most underrated movie categories as they are often overshadowed by Christmas movies. Even still, people can remember all the way back to their first scary movie experience.

Halloween movies are not always scary, children’s Halloween movies can be great but are unpopular with movie fans.

“I prefer scary movies over cartoon/animated Halloween movies because while I do find the cartoon ones enjoyable, I feel like classic scary movies are something you can enjoy in many different settings,” senior Trevor Proel said.

Most people remembers their first problematic experience with scary movies. A trauma like that is hard to forget.

“I remember when my brother watched the original Child’s Play. He would have been like three, and it really scared him bad. He was sure that all of our toys were going to come to life. He was definitely way too young to watch that,” Mr. Blaine Williams, Film literature teacher, said.

Steven Kings “IT” is a classic scary movie that most have watched and few have forgotten.

“I remember watching 1990 IT when I was really young. I don’t know if that was my first horror movie, but I definitely was the first one that stuck with me. In the movie, there is a scene where Pennywise crawls out of the shower drain and expands, and I remember for probably a week straight I wasn’t the most thrilled when I was told to take a shower,” Proel said

As it turns out, it is not uncommon for scary movies to have kids terrified of the shower.

“I watched the movie 13 Ghosts I thought ghosts were like 100 percent real when I was younger, and it gave me nightmares. There was a female ghost in the movie who died in a bathtub, and in the movie, she would be in there with a knife. So every time I went to shower as a kid, I was scared to open the shower certain she would be in there,” senior Charly Linn said.