Boys Basketball preview



As the winter sports season starts, the basketball team looks to build another strong season.

The team put up an impressive 17-6 record finishing 4th in the MidState Conference. Junior Dylan Pringle shared how the team will continue to build off of last season.

“We have practiced really hard and just continue to work as a team. We all want to win, and we have all put the work in to be good again,” Pringle said.

Last season GHS lost to Center Grove in the Sectional title game with a final score of 41-35.  Senior Lucas Sullivan explained why Center Grove is the biggest game of the year.

“We always play them hard. They don’t ever respect us, and that angers pretty much everybody. We all want to beat them bad, and we’ve come close a couple times the last few years,” Sullivan said.

Pringle agreed.

“It’s almost a must win game whenever Center Grove plays us. There’s always a packed gym and tons of people there. I’d love to beat them this year,” he said.

With a long basketball season, there is plenty of time to enjoy time with teammates and coaches. Sophomore Cooper Smith described what he is looking forward to most and his favorite part of being on the team.

“I love playing with my teammates. I make new friends every year and new relationships with my coaches. They make the long season enjoyable every step of the way, and it is a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to having all the fans and student sections back in the gyms cheering. There is nothing better than a packed gym for a game,” Smith said.

Pringle agreed with Cooper.

“My favorite part is playing the games with all the fans in the gym. It gets so loud and hype, it’s amazing and an amazing feeling,” Pringle said.

Every season comes with new experiences. Freshman Ethan King shared what he is most excited about for his first year of high school basketball.

“I am really excited to continue playing with my friends and improving. I am ready to play and I have worked hard to get to where I am at for this season,” King said.

Sophomore Jake Mosemann explained the adjustment he’s had to make from playing freshman basketball to becoming a varsity player.

“Last year I was learning a lot. I was just a freshman and didn’t know a lot of the plays, so this year I am expecting to be a little more mature and learn a lot more and be prepared for the season,” Mosemann said.