Volleyball Recap


After making school history and an all-around great year, the volleyball team ended the season as Sectional Runner-ups.

According to senior Abby Gregory, the beginning of the volleyball season was not the best, but by the Sectional Championship, they had found a good groove.

“I feel like the beginning of the season was really rough for us. About two-third of the way through the season, we finally kicked it into gear and started to work our butts off for what we wanted. Our hours of hard work leading up to the Sectional Championship showed, and I think we came out really strong, but it just wasn’t enough to win,” Gregory said.

Although the team did not get the outcome they wanted for their final game this season, the younger players were still able to appreciate the seniors and the knowledge they provided this year.

“I really looked up to Melia Gorrell, one of our seniors, because I was new to the DS—defensive specialist—position and she is very outgoing which helped me feel more comfortable with the new part I had to play for the team,” sophomore Abby Willham said.

Gregory said she also looked up to her fellow seniors for guidance as a new student to the program.

“I looked up to the other seniors, Melia Gorrell and Jenna Armstrong, because it was my first year at Greenwood and I didn’t really know what to do as a leader. I could always count on them to be there for me and help me out when I needed it,” Gregory said.

Making the Sectional Championship game was not only historical in GHS volleyball but also a way to prove the strength and persistence of the girls. The team advanced to the Sectional Championship for the first time since 2012.

“Making it to the Sectional Championship was an amazing experience. It felt great to finally change the direction that greenwood volleyball was going and to show that our team can fight for anything,” Willham said.

Sophomore Brooklyn Hanson said the team’s drive to succeed against their rivals, center grove, was a huge part of making it to the finals.

“I feel like this was a great year, especially during sectionals because we had the mentality of all-or-nothing, so it pushed us to get to the championship to compete with our biggest rivals. We played Center Grove for the championship game, but they sadly still won despite our hard work,” Hanson said.

Even though the season did not end how she wanted, Willham said there are no regrets and she is proud of the team.

“I feel like we did a great job playing and working together this season by not letting anyone slack off and keeping everyone accountable for themselves and the team. As far as the championship game went, it would have been great to win, but I’m still happy with how far we went and how well we fought for it,” Willham said.

Hanson said the regular season record was an improvement to previous years.

“Our record this year surprisingly had more wins than losses. The win-to-loss ratio was 19-13, which is really good compared to our record last year. We improved a lot as a team, but also by the individual skills that each player had this year,” Hanson said.

Gregory said that her hopes for the team next year after she is graduated are to bond and be a family even more than they were this year.

“I have faith in the team next year, but I do think they need to work on bonding earlier in the season, and they need to know what they want in the season before it starts.  All around, they need to work harder and smarted than we did this year,” Gregory said.

After reminiscing on the season, Gregory said that switching to play her last year of high school volleyball at GHS was the best decision she could have made and that she is forever grateful for the program.

“It was scary at first because I wanted all of them to like me and for us to all get along and play well together. I remember the camps over the summer and making friends with a lot of the girls, and then after we had tryouts, we all got really close. I’m glad I made the choice to switch schools—probably the best decision I have ever made,” Gregory said.