Boys basketball gives back for Thanksgiving


Elijah Poe, Editor In Chief

This Thanksgiving, the boys basketball team plans to give back to the community by providing Thanksgiving dinner for community members in need

“It is important to give back to those who really need help. We are just trying to make an impact in our schools and our communities,” junior Ethan Baugh said.

This is not the first time the basketball team has given back to the community.

“This is to show that we care about people in the community and care about people coming to our games. It’s just great to be able to give back to people who need it. We want to have a good reputation within the community, so this is definitely one way we can show we care,” senior Adam Ellinghausen.

The basketball team is not going to limit themselves to just one holiday, though.

“I think we are going to plan to do something like this around Christmas time, too. Christmas and Thanksgiving obviously people come together and usually share meals and other things, so we will be trying to help people around those major holidays,” Baugh said.

Lighting up people’s thanksgiving is a rewarding task, and people are often very grateful.

“We had a couple of families that really reacted well to us when we were giving back turkeys and all of that so it was something that was really special to experience,” Ellinghausen said.

This project also provides bonding for the team members themselves, and they have experienced some funny moments.

“For one of the houses we went up to the wrong house, it was supposed to be the house next door and we just kept on knocking and nobody was home. We just waited on the front door for like 30 minutes and realized it was the house next door. It was a super funny moment with the team,” senior Luke Fiesel said.

Fiesel agrees on how important it is to give back.

“A lot of people that cannot afford a Thanksgiving it is an important holiday for them and their families. We are trying to give that opportunity for people who cannot afford a good Thanksgiving meal with their families to hopeful enjoy what we give them,” Fiesel said.