Cyber Monday or Black Friday

Ethan Pringle, sports editor

Undoubtedly the most famous days for shopping are Black Friday, followed by cyber Monday. But which one takes the cake for the top shopping day of the year?

If anyone doesn’t  know what black friday is, it is usually the day after Thanksgiving when all the moms in the country go crazy to get all the good deals that stores have up for Christmas gifts and other Christmas related items. It should be a pretty busy one this year due to people not being able to do it last year. This year Black Friday falls on Nov. 26.

Cyber Monday is very similar to Black Friday. It is the following Monday and all websites have crazy deals on Christmas items and gifts. It was definitely the bigger of the two last year due to covid and people not being able to shop in person. This year Cyber Monday falls on Nov 29.

According to the website Business Insider,  Black Friday is the day to get the biggest and newest items for sale. Cyber Monday is better to shop for smaller items and technology items like the latest apple products. Most times the better deals will be online because you can use things like promo codes and other types of coupons. 

If I had to choose one or the other, I would personally pick Cyber Monday. I could sit on my couch and not have to get up super early because of all the lines and crowds. I have been Black Friday shopping one time in my entire life, and it will most likely be my last. There were people running around everywhere, and everything sold out so fast I could hardly get my hands on anything. Plus, I usually just relax all day and eat all the Thanksgiving leftovers,and that is much better than waking up to go shopping.

On the other hand, on Cyber Monday, I might be able to sit at home in the comfort of my bed, but items online go out just as fast as they do in the stores, and when they sell out online chances are they are sold out in stores, too. Then I will be stuck trying to find gifts for friends and family last minute.

Overall I think both days have their ups and downs, But if I had to choose a day I would most likely choose Cyber Monday just because I wouldn’t have to leave my house and deal with all the crowds and lines at the stores. But if I wanted to go shopping with my friends and have fun I would definitely go Black Friday shopping.

Every year there are certain gifts you should wait to buy till Cyber Monday and Black Friday. This year the biggest ones are Airpod Pros, according to Airpods are known to be listed at about 100$ off retail price on Black Friday. And in an article by BGR it says this year you can get the number one selling smart TV for just 99.99$.

For Cyber Monday the biggest discounts and deals come from none other than the biggest online shopping center in the world, Amazon. According to USA today, they have amazing deals on a lot of home furnishing. They also have great deals on many electronics like the ROKU stick for 31% off.