Greenwood offers awesome light displays


Lots of people in Greenwood love to put up Christmas lights every year and lots of people love go see those Christmas lights.

Some families make it a tradition to see the Christmas lights with their families.

“Every Christmas Eve, my family and I go see Christmas lights. We love to drive around to all of the different neighborhoods and talk about our favorite houses. It is one of my favorite traditions to do with my family, and I look forward to it every year. I love when lots of people decorate because it makes the trip very interesting,” freshman Mavrick Pauley said.

Sophomore John Ollanketo has noticed the trend of bigger houses decorating a significantly greater amount.

“The big houses go all out. They have lots of room to decorate so they tend to use their imagination and try to reach their fullest potential,” Ollanketo said. “There is one house that always has the best decorations and my family always looks forward to seeing it. They have colorful and crazy lights with a blow up snowmen. It amazes my family and me at the amount of lights and decorations

Freshman Olivia Baker has nicknames for houses that her family likes to see.

“There is a house in my old neighborhood that my family calls the Grinch house. They have every Christmas decoration outside their house, and they have a projector that plays the Grinch movie

Pauley loves his family’s tradition because of the holiday experience.

“This tradition is one of my favorites because of the quality family time as well as feeling the holidays by listening to holiday music while looking at the holiday decorations. My family sings Christmas songs as we drive around, and we sometimes rate the houses based on how much we enjoy the decorations,” Pauley said.

Throughout the years, people start to develop opinions on their favorite kinds of decorations.

“I do not remember specific houses that I like to go to, but I like the houses with gold lights. The colorful and white lights are cool too, but the gold lights really remind me of the holidays. I really like to see decorations that tell a story. For example, there are lots of moving decorations that are really interesting to watch. I also like seeing the blow up decorations because they are usually really big and funny looking,” Pauley said.

Baker likes to see different Christmas animals outside peoples’ houses.

“My favorite decorations to see are probably the deer that light up or any animals with Christmas décor on them,” Baker said.

Traditions allow some places to become noteworthy.

“There is one house that we make sure to hit every year. There is an angel in the window, and we always go out of our way to see it. That would be the only house that I would say has sentimental value,” Pauley said.

Ollanketo likes to see houses with colored lights and signs.

“I love seeing the houses with a bunch of colored lights and bright signs. This is because they remind me of Christmas, and they really catch my eye,” Ollanketo said.

The farm on Middle Street is a well-known fan favorite.

“The farm on Middle Street has very good decorations. They fill up the entire street, and they are really cool to look at. It is obvious that they take a lot of time to decorate which is very generous and nice. We love to drive though it and see each decoration. I remember going there as a kid so it is nice to see it every year,” Pauley said.