Nook reopens for a good cause


Upperclassmen may remember the nook. The nook was a coffee shop in the small room where the English hallway meets the main office lobby area. It has not been opened since the start of the pandemic and it is coming back tomorrow (12/17).

“It will be open on the last (regular) day of school before break, from 7:20 to 7:25. There is a possibility of it opening again at some point later in the school year; we don’t know when yet,” senior Doga Karakus said.

In past years, the nook was open to student to purchase drinks before school. This year, though, it is being used as motivation to think of others during the holidays. Students will write letters be given to Riley Children’s Hospital for kids stuck in the hospital during the holidays.

“We will only be serving hot chocolate to people who turn in the letter. The letters will go to either a children’s hospital or nursing home. People can wish them a happy holidays, just something to let them know people are thinking of them during the holidays. You can pick up the papers in the cafeteria on Dec 16, the day before the nook is open,” Karakus said.

The idea is to help people stuck in the hospital during the holidays feel less alone, especially in a time when having family visit is a battle.

“We want to give the letters to the hospital for people whose family can’t visit because of Coronavirus or because they live far away. It’s a good deed and a small price to pay for a cup of hot chocolate,” junior Nikki Wheatley said.