Crumbl Cookie Review


Crumbl Cookie is one of the newest, hit spots in Greenwood. Tons of people have already enjoyed the popular, growing brand.

Crumbl Cookie is unique in how they make their menu. Every week there are six cookies available, with two being the chocolate chip cookie and the sugar cookie. For the last week of November, the four new cookies were Snickerdoodle, Hot Chocolate, Red Velvet White Chocolate, and Buttermilk Pancake.

The store itself has a fairly small lobby area where the menu and cashier are located. One of the cool things was that I could see all the cookies being made as I was ordering. The workers were all nice and happy to serve me. The menu was a little unique too as I could only order boxes of cookies consisting of either 1, 4, 6, or 12 cookies from the six available cookies for the week.

The cookies are served warm which was great and they were ready to be eaten right away. I tried all six of the cookies and each one was full of flavor and was different from one another. Both the chocolate chip and sugar cookie were pretty good but bland compared to the others. The snickerdoodle was alright but full of flavor. I have never been a fan of snickerdoodles, but this was the best one I have had. The hot chocolate cookie was really good. It had a strong hot chocolate flavor with marshmallows on top. It was really sweet. The red velvet white chocolate was also fantastic. It was full of chocolate flavor. Finally, I tried the buttermilk pancake one, and it was the best of the bunch. It tasted just like a pancake, and I was genuinely surprised at how good it was.

Outside of being a little pricey, I think everyone should give this place a shot. The 12 count box is $29 and the 6 count box is $17. The 4 count is $12 and a single cookie is $3.50. The cookies are fresh and all taste good. Even the pickiest cookie eaters could find something they would like here.