Weekend meals now available for students and families

Elijah Poe, Editor In Chief

Greenwood School Corporation is stepping up in a big way.

The new Family Support Coordinators, Ms. Molly Jacobs and Ms. Kennedy Rains, have started a new way to give back to families in need by providing weekend meals.

“This is a new position that was created in order to better serve families in our school corporation. We are here to help connect families with resources and identify barriers to success in order to make students more successful at school and families stronger. We started the weekend food project in order to ensure that students and families have access to food on the weekends. We can ensure that a student gets two meals at school (breakfast and lunch) five days a week, but when students go home for the weekend, we don’t know what food they have access to. This program has already been started by a couple elementary schools in the district but Kennedy and I wanted to make sure that each school in the district has this resource to offer students and families,” Ms. Jacobs said.

This program is going to help people in need, but time and time again Greenwood Schools have stepped up to the plate to help wherever needed.

“It is so important for GHS to be a support to the community and families because everyone matters and we want our community to be strong. Greenwood values service, and this is just another way that we are living out that value. When we partner together, we can ensure that families are strong and students are successful,” Ms. Jacobs said.

She explained what each bag will contain for students and families.

“The food bags will have non-perishable items in them donated by local food pantries. The bag will contain food for a weekend which allows for a couple of meals. They will include items like granola bars, macaroni and cheese, supplies to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc,” Ms. Jacobs said.

This program is also a great way for students to get involved if they are looking to help others and volunteer.

“Getting connected with a local food pantry is a great way for students to get involved with the program. They could volunteer at the food pantry in order to assemble the bags that will be distributed at the school. As the program develops, there may be additional ways for students to get involved. For those that are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to me, and I will get you connected with the food pantry.” Jacobs said

Actually giving out the food itself is going to be a process to protect people in need, and to kick a stigma that getting help is a bad thing.

“Food will be distributed to students in a discrete way in order to give students and families privacy. There is a stigma around receiving help or resources that we want to break; we just want them to know we are here for them and support them. We are being creative in the way that we distribute the food in order to maintain confidentiality and give students and families respect,” Ms. Jacobs said.

She also explained.

“We are partnering with a couple of local food pantries who will supply the food items. Kennedy and I are working with the Student Services Advisors at each school in order to connect with students and families who may want to receive the food and coordinate getting the food distributed.” she said.

Any student who needs help or anyone who is interested in helping in any way should contact Molly Jacobs, Mrs. Samantha Young, or a guidance counselor.