Greenwood v Speedway


After not being able to play Speedway due to COVID, the Woodmen are ready to face the Sparkplugs.

Even after not playing them last year , junior forward Nash Peterson feels like he has a good feeling about the matchup.

“I feel like we should definitely get the win, no games are going to come easy this year and our schedule is pretty hard so we will work for every win and the speedway game will be no different, we have practiced hard and watched film and should be ready to play the best we can when the game rolls around,” he said.

This season the practices have been ramped up to a new level to get the players ready.

“The practices this year have had great energy and you know everyone is competing real hard, putting all the blood and sweat into it we can to be ready for whatever challenges we face next,” junior Dylan Pringle, point guard , said..

After losing many players to graduating last year, some young players have had to step in and fill some big roles.

“I played on the freshman team last year, and then this year taking a huge step up to playing good minutes on varsity is definitely a lot different. But I’m fully ready to step up and fill the shoes and play to my full potential and help the team out anyway I can,” sophomore guard Cade Kelly said.

The start of the season didn’t go as planned, but after a couple weeks of hard practices and two wins, the team is back on track.

“It was a rough start to our first game but we have been able to fine tune and really started to play as a team. We are definitely looking a whole lot better, I am really excited for the rest of the season,” senior Noah Apgar said.

 Being the new guy on varsity, you don’t know what to expect when facing a team for the first time.

“I have never really played Speedway before, but I know that we are going to have a couple great practices leading up to the game and go out there and catch a win,” sophomore Jakeb Hornbeak, guard, said.

Every player has certain ways they like to prepare for a game and get focused.

“Personally I like to listen to music and get myself hyped up before a game. It keeps me focused and doesn’t let me get distracted from the big picture like winning the game,” Pringle said.

Senior Adam Ellinghasen also has things he does to be successful. 

“We prepare for teams by watching a lot of film, studying all that film, and then putting it to use and doing what we can to get a win. Our coaching staff puts together a in depth scouting report that we follow and that helps us get the win,” 

Going into any game, you should always be ready for a long, tough game.

“ We have to come out to every single team every week and expect that we are facing a good team so we will be preparing for Speedway and come ready to play when the time comes,” Apgar said.

Every season you have to get used to losing your players from last year and getting used to the new ones coming up.

To better ourselves we have a lot of young players so as the season goes on we are getting a lot more experience and coming closer as a team. Overall as we grow closer we will be better and more in sync as the season progresses,” Mosemann said.