The Weeknd offers listeners a new, well-crafted album

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, more well-known as The Weeknd, has started off 2022 strong with his new album, Dawn FM.

This upbeat and well-crafted album has left listeners amazed because of the intensely thought out details throughout. After receiving cryptic messages through social media posts and interviews, listeners have been anxious to hear this long-awaited album and were not disappointed with the results.

The album starts out with “Dawn FM,” which resembles a radio broadcast. The song is only one minute and 37 seconds long, setting up the album with calm music and a broadcast announcement to introduce it. The introduction smoothly rolls into “Gasoline” which gives listeners an upbeat tune and catchy lyrics. Throughout the song, there are technological and euphoric sounds. This makes the album feel modern and fresh. The album is cohesive, each song flowing into each other seamlessly. In some of the songs, there are more broadcast announcements that help the album to feel like a radio broadcast.

The songs like “Out of Time” and “Starry Eyes” offer listeners an almost jazzier feel while giving them an in depth view of his feelings. The album is cohesive with the concepts of death, self-destruction and rebirth. The concept and story is a direct correlation to the album cover. The album cover is The Weeknd; however, it is him as if he has jumped forward 40 years in the future. This adds to the futuristic and modern sound.

This album appeals to many generations with the upbeat and 80s sounding tunes. It is a sequel to his last album, After Hours. This album is an amazing listen, and I would very must suggest it to others. The well-crafted and thought out details allow listeners to appreciate the album and how much effort The Weeknd put into making it.