New Year new you


At midnight On Jan. 1 when the ball drops into the new year, most people go in with a “new year new me” mentality and set resolutions.

“My new year’s resolution is to read more. I love to read, and I find it super relaxing, but I’m super busy and don’t always have time to sit down and read a book,” senior Macy Wylonis said.

A good way to keep up with resolutions is to create a system to stay accountable

“I have a list of the books I want to read so I think that’s a good way to motivate myself, It’s not even that I need motivation, just more of a reminder because I do want to read, but I often forget to so seeing the books I want to read will remind me to do it,” Wylonis said.

On average, only 46 percent of people are successful in keeping up with their new year’s resolutions according to Wylonis has a great system to keep up with hers.

“My goal is to read three books a month and so far I’ve been doing that. I’ve started reading We Were Liars. I’m almost done with it and then I’ll move on to my second book for the month,” Wylonis said

Some had started their resolutions before the time the new year rolled around and used the new year as a milestone for their goals.

“By the end of the year, I want to have a gym membership so that when I go to college I’ll go work out instead of getting fat. Right now, I’m in APC so I’m basically going to the gym five times a week, but it’s different because in college Mr. Watson won’t be telling me what to do. I’ll be on my own,” senior Aiden Luttrell said.

The New Year is not always a good place to start something new, especially when the school year does not start until later in the year. Resolutions can be a way to prepare for the upcoming year.

“To accomplish that, I’m going to go twice a week to the gym to get used to the equipment and figure out what workouts I like to do,” Luttrell said.

It seems that working out in the New Year is not an uncommon goal.

“I want to work out more. I chose it because I enjoy lifting and want to tone my body. I got a membership at Planet Fitness and have been going a couple times a week and I’ve just been doing exercises that I’m comfortable with,” junior Andrah Nicely said.

Sophomore Savannah McCauley has an interesting resolution that has more to do with helping others than herself.

“I want to give at least one compliment a day. Just small things like I like your style, you’re an awesome friend or I appreciate you. Something small to make someone smile,” McCauley said.

Something that a lot of high school students struggle with is getting enough sleep so making a New Year’s resolution pertaining to sleep is not a bad idea.

“My resolution is to get more sleep. I make sure I’m not procrastinating to do my work so I’m not stressing over it and doing it before bed. Also watching the time I’m spending on my phone and knowing when I should put it up and go to bed,” freshman Olivia Baker said.