Missing TAs


Elijah Poe, Editor In Chief

Coming back from Winter Break, Teacher’s Assistants (TAs) were shocked to find themselves sitting in regular study halls.

After evaluation, TAs are coming back, but there is a new look to the rules. New rules include:

  • only coaches, publications, Student Council have assigned TAs
    no TAs are scheduled during teachers’ prep periods
    teachers may only have one TA per period

“The TA program has not been canceled but rather it was on a pause while Mr. Garrison and the leadership team at GHS re-evaluated the program. They are looking at ensuring we continue to offer a positive experience for students while providing the needed assistance to teachers. Mr. Garrison is working directly with teacher leaders to get their input as well,” Dr. Terry Terhune, superintendent, said.

For two weeks TAs were missing from classrooms.

“The first couple of weeks back were so boring. Study hall is not fun, especially when you’re not set on being there. It was a struggle to get used to, but I am glad I was not stuck in there for long,” senior Lilly Mull said.

Mull has worked for Mr. Rich Perry, science teacher. His TAs are known for putting in work to help out Perry’s busy classes.

“As his TA, I usually run errands for him or file papers. He is one of the few teachers who actually make his TAs do work but it makes me feel helpful,” Mull said.

Although students were mostly shocked with the change, undoubtedly the situation that broke with a teacher being arrested before Winter Break triggered a re-examination of the TA program.

“Just like any policy, we have to readdress things from time and time. Just like recently with our dress code, we have to go back and look at what we are doing and better it from time to time. Just like PDA as well; every once in a while, we want to make sure everyone understands what people expect,” Mr. Todd Garrison, principal said.

There is a possibility that other teachers will have TAs in place over time, but those decisions will take time.

“The process takes time. It is a priority for our high school administration but one we want to get right. I would ask for patience and understanding as we move forward, but know it will be worked through as soon as possible,” Dr. Terhune said.

In the meantime, teachers who have special projects and need non-permanent TAs to assist can request them from the office.

“One change is that out of the office teachers will be able to use TAs for a day or two because they are not always needed every day. One thing I have said for awhile and one of my favorite quotes is that we don’t want to take away from the usefulness of students,” Mr. Garrison said.