Girls Basketball Sectional Preview


The girls basketball team is ready to secure a victory at Sectionals.

There is a lot on the line when it comes to a basketball Sectional game due to the fact every game played carries a risk of the team being eliminated, marking the end of the season.

“Sectionals are very different from a regular game because of your whole mindset. If you’re a senior, you’re fighting extremely hard because it could be your last game. But for everyone, there is always more pressure going into the game since it’s a one and done situation,” junior Lily Howe, guard, said.

The team has improved since last year’s Sectional game and hopes the team’s chemistry will help them.

“This year our team as a whole has improved so much. We all work very well together, and we all click, especially on the defensive end. I have been on the team since freshman year, and this is one of the first times in a while that we have had a winning season,”  junior Kira Faulkner, point guard, said.

It has taken some work to get to the point the team is at now, but the trust has been built throughout the team.

“I think that our team is playing together as a unit this year. It was a little rough at the beginning, but as the season has gone on, we have connected more on the floor and have been playing together as a team,” Howe said.

After a rocky Sectional performance last season, the girls are ready to come back stronger this year.

“Sectionals last year definitely didn’t go the way we wanted it to. Our whole team wasn’t in the best mindset, and we were being thrown a lot of challenges so I think that really messed up how Sectionals went for us,” Howe said.

There is a level of pressure the team expects to face at Sectionals.

“I anticipate that we are going to be challenged, but I also think we will do just fine under pressure,” freshman Olivia Ford, small forward, said.

The girls are confident in their ability to do well, as long as they keep doing the things they are doing now.

“I don’t think this game will be any different. We just need to keep doing the things we have been doing,” Ford said.

The team’s defense has been a large part of the success they have had this season.

“What we anticipate going into Sectionals is having to bring our best defense. Defense is our key to win games, and any team that we will play in Sectionals really finds their strength in offense so our defense has to be the best it has been yet,” Howe said.

The first round of Sectionals will take place next Tuesday at 7:30 at Franklin Central.