Wyatt Flowers, Reporter

 For the last two years, the former middle school has been under construction. People have been waiting for the multimillion dollar public complex to be completed.

The location of the field house is in the middle of the City of Greenwood.

“The fieldhouse being right next to the center is perfect because it is super close to everyone’s homes. The goal of the Fieldhouse was to have people be active, but have different equipment from the Community Center,” senior Carson Eastling said.

Living next to the construction zone has been troublesome for some students.

“I don’t live there anymore, but I was living on that street when the project first started. I remembered it being difficult just getting into my own driveway,” sophomore Holly Harden said.

With the Fieldhouse not being fully built yet, would people already have plans to go there?

“I believe I will end up going there. I really do enjoy how the building looks on the outside and how many windows there are to give it that really good open feel,” sophomore Tanner Crouch said.

With the rest of the middle school being demolished and the gym being the only thing left, some students would love to have something to remember the school by.

“I think it’s great that they made it into a fieldhouse because the old middle school started to get really old, but what’s cool is that they left the North Gym there and built onto it and took the G from the center of the South Gym Court and hung it up on one of the walls inside the fieldhouse to be a reminder of the old middle school that had been there for so long,” Eastling said.

The fieldhouse is supposed to be a place where athletes can practice or people can even work out.

“The interior design of the fieldhouse is supposed to have two turf fields, three golfing simulators, three batting cages, two basketball courts, a walking track, and a whole lot of body workout exercise equipment for the people who just want to work out,” Crouch said

The City decided to use the resources they already had to build this fieldhouse.

I think that using the old middle school is a good use of space instead of tearing down the whole building. I think the location may be a little weird, but I still appreciate they were using an old building instead of building a brand new one somewhere else, and if the community center and the fieldhouse both offer different things I think they’ll complement each other well,” Harden said.