Irish Guard spins into new season

Conner Peckinpaugh, Impact Editor in Chief

After winning the IHSCGA state championship last year, the Irish Guard is back with a Beatles-inspired show.

“This year’s show is called Golden Slumbers,” sophomore Eddie Cuatlatl said. “The song being used in the show is a cover of the song ‘Golden Slumbers’ by The Beatles. The staff wanted a dream-like show to make it seem like we’re floating in and out of sleep. The rocking chairs in our show represent the lullaby aspect,” he said.

After last year’s IHSCGA Open Class State Championship, the color guard is channeling their focus.

“This year the guard is  focusing more on technique, performing more to the audience and using more facial expressions,” Cuatlatl said. “Looking at the audience, using facial expressions, and lifting your body can get the message across for our show.”

For senior Esther Houston, this season is her first winter guard experience since her time in The Troopers drum corps from Casper, Wyoming. She spent the summer touring with them in their color guard before returning to the Marching Woodmen in the fall.

“I think being in The Troopers was a big learning experience in so many aspects, but one of the biggest takeaways was trusting myself and learning to keep pushing until my job is done,” Houston said. “I feel as though my work ethic and confidence is stronger. That helps during rehearsal and performances.”

This year, the color guard is traveling out of state for a newer competition in the Winter Guard International (WGI) circuit.

“I’m super excited for WGI! The guard is traveling to Dayton, Ohio, this spring to compete with guards from all over. It’s my first time going so I don’t know what to expect but from what I’ve heard it’ll be really fun,” Houston said.

With a target on their backs from last year’s championship show, the stakes are higher at rehearsals and shows.

“This show is quite challenging for all of us, so when we are able to spin and perform in it successfully, it’s really exciting,” junior Zoe Patrick Hite said. “Because of that, we get super supportive and encouraging to each other, and I love it.”