Uncharted preview

The upcoming movie adaption to the popular video game Uncharted is exciting but also worrisome to many video game fans along with the avid fans of both Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

Senior Luciano Robbins was one of the game’s biggest fans. Robbins is familiar with both of the star actors’ work, but he is still skeptical of their portrayal of the characters in the game.

“I’m excited to see Tom Holland play young Nathan Drake, but I do think it is a weird fit for both characters of the game. It also excites me because the story of Uncharted is goated if you actually play it all the way through to the end,” Robbins said.

Both of the actors’ experience in action and comedy movies will draw viewers who are excited for the movie adaptation. 

“I love both Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg and I thought the trailer for the movie looked really exciting and thrilling. I’m excited for the fight scenes because they looked really well developed,” senior Ella Sigler said.

Robbins said the movie will be similar to certain aspects of the game, even though the game mainly revolves around fighting.

“I’m expecting treasure hunting and action scenes a lot because it is supposedly like the video game, but the entire point of the game is getting shot at by another person, and that is not necessarily a plot,” Robbins said.

Sigler voices her own concerns for the movie because with any action movie comes worry for the CGI and all the editing involved to depict the perfect scenes.

“I’m worried about the action sequences looking natural and not rehearsed, and I am also a little nervous about there not being enough of actual storyline versus just fighting and explosions,” Sigler said.

Although Uncharted is not as well known to many teenagers at the moment, Robbins was an avid player of the game as a child. 

“I actually played the game as a kid. I played all four versions of it and also have continued to play the game to this day,” Robbins said.

Despite his love for the game, Robbins said the audiences who watch the movie might not like the movie because the actors starring in the adaptation are not the best choices for the roles in his opinion.

“I’m concerned that the people who watch the movie will hate it because the actors are not exactly the perfect fit for what I imagined it to be, but Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are both great actors so I do not think they will do a bad job either,” Robbins said.

Sigler said she has high hopes for the comical and adventurous side of the film alongside the expected action.

“I think the movie will be a great comedy, action and adventure movie with both funny moments and seriously dangerous action shots, too,” Sigler said.