Favorite childhood shows

Kate Beaman, reporter

A five year old girl spends her afternoon watching her favorite show The Powerpuff girls. She knows the theme song by heart and her favorite character is Bubbles.

“My favorite show to watch when I was a kid was iCarly. I just liked how fun the whole show was and how randomly things happened,” junior Mia Neumeyer said.

Childhood shows were directed towards all ages of children.

Spongebob was definitely my favorite show as a kid. I grew up watching that show and always looked forward to it when it came on. It made me laugh and has a lot of good memories behind it,” sophomore Dominic Soubeih said.

Younger kids enjoy things like singing and dancing.

“My favorite childhood show was The Backyardigans because the singing made me happy. The most memorable song is either the theme song or Yeti Stomp,” freshman Jeremiah Carter said.

Kids in the same generation have mutual opinions on TV shows.

“Spongebob is an overall childhood classic and I think a majority of the kids in my generation would agree with me,” Soubeih said.

Favorite shows do not stay the same as children grow up.

“My favorite shows would change throughout my youth. My parents tell me that from five to seven years old I was obsessed with Dora the Explorer until I discovered Disney Channel,” Neumeyer said.

Students still enjoy watching their favorite childhood shows.

“I occasionally watch The Backyardigans in order to feel younger again. It makes me happy and brings back positive memories. My mom always laughs when she sees me watching it again, but I don’t care if anyone laughs,” Carter said.