GHS alumni races at Daytona Lucas Oil 200


Elijah Poe, Editor In Chief

Class of 2021 Brayton Laster raced in the Lucas Oil 200 driven by General Tire this past weekend for Mullins Racing.

“My father has owned race cars since the early 90s. Since he has always owned race cars, whenever I got old enough to hop in a go-kart that’s what I did. Really ever since I was old enough around eight is how long I’ve been racing. From there, I was able to move up in the ranks from local racing here at Indianapolis to more of a regional level in the Midwest. Now we are on the big stage,” Laster said.

With racing not being a huge part of Greenwood, Laster would travel to get his racing in his younger years.

“There is a dirt track down in Brownstown called Brownstown Speedway that is a really competitive track and a really fierce track. There are a lot of big dogs and it gets a lot of national attention down there. We have raced down there since 2018, we would also travel down to Kentucky a lot to race at Richmond Raceway. There was a new track we raced at last year called circle city raceway here in Indy,” Laster said.

Although Brayton is now under Mullins Racing, it has not always been like that.

“For my whole career, I have been under the family name, which is Laster Motorsports. It has been really neat to be on the family team. We raced go-karts for three or four years and when I was 12 I made the move to a thundercar, that is basically a full sized. I was racing against 30, 40, and even 50 year old men which a lot of them did not like. They thought we didn’t know what we were doing and we went out there and proved them wrong. I ran with those older guys and we showed them we were competitive and could run with them. When I was 15 we switched to dirt track, we’d get up easily 120 to 140 mph,” Laster said.

Tik-Tok was a main reason Brayton was invited down to Daytona.

“This whole Daytona deal is really cool because you don’t really hear about too many kids racing at my level for NASCAR. NASCAR kind of looks down on local dirt track guys like me, especially from Greenwood Indiana, you just don’t see kids make it that far. It was late December and I was approached about running the Daytona test, which they have every year. There is this team called Mullins Racing out of Virginia and I actually saw them on Tik-Tok and I saw that they were actually looking for someone to go down and do the test. We hit them up and two or three days later we had a contract in hand to go down there and test. Six drivers tested for them and we weren’t the fastest but one of the fastest, but definitely the most consistent. For a rookie we were very competitive. We blew it out of the water, at this point we decided to race in the actual race. A lot of people dream about making it here and it is the day before the Daytona 500 so this whole deal got put together and a week or so later I have a contract in hand saying that we are going to race at Daytona,” Laster said.

Starting on such a big stage in NASCAR is definitely daunting, but this is just the beginning for Laster.

“This is definitely a good way to get my name out there. This is where careers are made down here, if we can go down and run well this would be a big jump for me. Hopefully we can come out with a contract signed,” Laster said.