Purdue outshines IU

Purdue outshines IU

Ethan Pringle, sports editor


The Purdue Boilermakers and the Indiana Hoosiers have one of the oldest and best rivalries in college sports, but it goes deeper than just sports.

Before we go in the depths about how Purdue owns IU in sports, let’s talk about the university itself.

According to USnews, Purdue is a top 50 school in the nation to attend, where IU falls into the low 60’s which is still good, but not as good as the Boilers. Purdue is tied at 4th for the best engineering program in the nation. They also have the 4th best aeronautics and astronautics program in the nation as of 2020; that might be why the first person to ever touch the moon, Neil Armstrong, attended Purdue.

Now to get into the good stuff, the sports rivalry.

Let’s start it off with the battle for the old oaken bucket, and if you don’t know what that is, you probably shouldn’t be reading this story. The oaken bucket is the football game between IU and Purdue. The winner of the game gets to bring the trophy back to their campus and add their school logo to the chain. And yes you probably would have guessed there are a lot more Purdue P’s on their then IU logos.  Purdue won this year’s contest making the overall record 75-42-6 in Purdue’s favor.

Purdue has the edge in football so IU must have the edge in basketball right? Wrong, Purdue owns IU in basketball with an overall record of 124-90. Purdue had a 9 game winning streak on IU until last month when Rob Phinisee had the game of his life and hit a game winner on Purdue to end the streak. You would’ve thought they won the Super Bowl by the way they were acting after that win, but it does not happen too often so they can have that moment. Purdue also leads the big ten in regular season championships with 24. IU is close with 22, but in the wise words of Ricky Bobby “if you ain’t first you’re last.”

Coaching is a big part of the rivalry between the teams.

It goes all the way back to the legendary games between two of the greatest coaches in BigTen history, Gene Keady and Bob Knight. Everyone knows the story of hothead Bobby Knight throwing the chair on the court while Purdue was shooting free throws. Now Purdue’s basketball team is led by Matt Painter, who is considered one of the best coaches in college basketball and has won 4 big ten coach of the year awards.

Overall, both the universities are both great schools in their own ways. But in sports, stats do not lie. Purdue has owned IU in previous years, and they absolutely demolish them in the overall records. IU fans call the Boilers their little brother, but I would not even say we are siblings. It is more like Purdue is  IU’s daddy.