seniors make college, future commitments

The class of 2022 is anticipating some huge changes in their lives after graduation. While exciting, the transition is long, stressful, and takes a lot of preparation.

Part of that preparation includes making a lot of opportunities and creating many options in order to find the right fit.

“I applied to Purdue, MIT, Stanford, Rose-Hulman, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, University of Illinois and Ohio State. I have decided to go to Purdue. I have not yet accepted my offer but will be doing that really soon. Then, I will be all set,” senior Andrew Jones said.

A lot of consideration goes into finding the right fit.

“I wanted to attend one of the top five engineering schools in the nation, but also be close to my home and family. Purdue fits both of those requirements. I also received the Lilly Endowment which is full tuition to any Indiana school so this made Purdue an even more of a no-brainer. I also really wanted to go to a school with a music major, so that way I can minor in piano,” Jones said

Another huge factor to consider when choosing a school is cost.

“I’ve applied to all of the colleges I wanted. Now, I am applying for scholarships and comparing the costs of the colleges I was accepted to. I have not entirely made my decision yet, but Purdue is my first choice,” senior Jenna Vandergriff said.

College is not the only option to be considered when thinking about the future.

“The only college I fully applied to was Ball State because I thought I would go to cosmetology school. I honestly left it up to the universe and God to make the decision. If I got into Ball State, I would go, but if I didn’t, I would go to cosmetology school. I got in so I’m going to Ball State,” senior Mya Foster said.

Almost every student planning on going to college has a list of must-brings for when they go, and everybody’s is a little bit different.

“I know I want to take a fan, a new computer, water filter pitcher, mini fridge and microwave if I’m allowed, and necessary decor to make my dorm feel more homey,” Vandergriff said.