Winter Percussion begins a promising season


The Winter Percussion took a new approach this year, and according to their recent placing in a competition, the happier, more upbeat Mr. Rogers theme is succeeding.

The first part of taking a new path for the performance was to decide a theme.  Freshman Alex Flora said the theme was selected by two of the band coordinators. Winter Percussion Instructor, Mr. Luke Alysworth, said the message of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was what prompted them to choose the topic.

“I think after the last two years of COVID, many of the concepts and values that are found in the show can be very helpful for our students and the audience,” Mr. Alysworth said.

Flora said the theme was practically their destiny.

“The reason for choosing our topic is a funny story. Our music writer, Don, and Greg and Mr. Alysworth had all considered a Mr. Rogers theme at one point or another, and Don had actually written an entire Mr. Rogers show, and when they all came together to discuss a show topic, the idea was brought up. The rest is history. Mr. Alysworth likes to say it was meant to be,” Flora said.

So far, Winter Percussion has competed in one competition and Regionals, but the results suggest a powerful season.

“We have competed in two competitions so far this year, but we came in first place at the first competition,” junior Mallory Cregar said.

Cregar said the bands’ most recent competiton was not their best.

“We got 13th place at Regionals on March 5. We had some technical difficulties in the beginning of our show which led to other problems later in the show. It was not our best run,” Cregar said.

However, Mr. Alysworth said the competitions before Regionals were their best performances so far.

“Before Regionals, we had performed in two Indiana Percussion Association contests (IPA). The first weekend was for comment only, and the second performance was a first place finish,” Mr. Alysworth said.

Flora said the recent success in Winter Percussion might aid in progressing in the ranks in the future.

“Because of our placing, there has been talk with the judges about moving us up from our usual Class B spot to Class A,” Flora said.

Flora’s experience in Winter Percussion has not been very long, but he is excited for what is to come.

“This is only the second show I’ve been a part of, and this one is definitely my favorite so far. I really like the happy theme, and it is a nice change of pace from our usual aggressive show style,” Flora said.