Batman Review

With a lot of build-up and a very eager fanbase finally ready to watch a revamped Batman series, The Batman lived up to all expectations.

For starters, I would not consider this as a superhero movie nor is it the origin story that we have seen so many times. The director, Matt Reeves, tells a great story of a vigilante who has not yet found his complete footing in Gotham City. In many scenes, viewers watch as Batman struggles against the villains. In this depiction of Batman, Bruce Wayne seemed more human rather than the superior character he normally is. In fact, Bruce Wayne is a broken character in this movie. Viewers can see the hurt in his eyes, and the story shows how lost Bruce is. The toll it takes on his body being Batman affects his daily life, and it is shown in the lack of interest Bruce has in the politics of Gotham City, unlike past movies.

This movie does a great job in pacing and storytelling. It starts slow, but it increases in violence as the movie runs. It really focuses on the political corruption in Gotham and does a great job presenting the developing relationship between James Gordon and Batman. Through every detective scene, pieces began to come together as Gordon and Batman began to trust each other and became a team to stop crime in Gotham.

Robert Pattinson does a fantastic job playing Bruce Wayne and Batman, despite critics voicing concerns of his ability to play the character. He plays a broken and lost character well, and he really showed versatility in his acting as the Batman. Reeves and Pattinson did well in this movie together, and they are bound to be making more as it has already been announced that there will be a trilogy and two spin off shows for the Batman.

I really loved that Batman was not necessarily portrayed as a superhero but more as a glimmer of hope for the citizens of Gotham. Through the entire movie it is clear he is not the all-mighty character viewers are so used to seeing. He is learning as he goes which makes him as human as any of the other characters in the movie.

The references in this movie are great too. From all the comic references to game references from the Arkham video games and Telltale games all the way to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker to the Zodiac Killer with the Riddler, this movie is full of Easter eggs that will keep viewers searching for more every time they watch it.

I recommend this movie to all viewers. This is not like any superhero movie we have seen from Marvel or DC before. It is a fantastic watch, and while it does have a long runtime of nearly three hours, the character development of Bruce Wayne will keep all fans excited for more.