Spanish club thrives through Spanish inspired activities


Kate Beaman, reporter

The Spanish Club’s goals are to be a fun environment for all and to run differently than most clubs.

“We all run the Spanish Club. Every time that we meet we always have someone new running it. Not just one person runs the Spanish Club. We like to have everyone involved and participating so that is why we try to have someone new in charge each time we meet,” sophomore Micah Vesley said.

The idea behind the club being student-led is intriguing. They meet during Powerhour as often as they can.

“During our call out meeting, we talked about what we wanted the Spanish Club to look like. We learned that the French Club uses the student-led model with success, so we thought we’d try it. We’ve even hosted the French Club so that our members could share our interests with its members,” Mrs. Mindi Ward, sponsor, said.

The Spanish Club is open to all students.

“I would encourage anyone to join. It is super fun, and we love to see new faces in the Spanish Club. The more people, the better the club is. People hesitate to join because they expect it to be boring. I highly encourage people to join Spanish Club even if they are not in a Spanish class,” Vesley said.

Sophomore Sam Grimes agreed.

“My favorite part is connecting with the people, learning Spanish, and doing activities with them. It is always a lot of fun because of the people in the club,” Grimes said.

The club has been changing over the years.

“The biggest difference from years past is time. Because students have so many commitments outside the school day, we meet during PowerHour. As a result, our meetings are more frequent because they are so short. We used to meet after school, in the evenings, or even weekends. No one has the time to do that anymore,” Mrs. Ward said.

The average Spanish Club meeting is relaxing.

“We hang out, play games, and sometimes we have food. We try to make the Spanish club fun for anyone at the high school,” Vesley said.

Spanish Club meetings are different each week.

“The Spanish Club is student-driven. As a result, each meeting looks different from the last. Club members take turns leading meetings. It is a volunteer situation and allows members to tackle ideas and concepts they are personally interested in while getting others excited about those topics. We’ve had dance lessons, karaoke, played a popular kids recess game, learned about holiday traditions, made food, etc,” Mrs. Ward said.

The Club plans to have a meeting centered around the game Just Dance.

“The Just Dance activity is just a fun activity Micah and I decided to lead. It is something fun we can do during our last meeting before the start of Spring Break,” Grimes said.