Russia wages war on Ukraine

On February 24th, at 4:00AM local time, Russia declared the country would be exercising a military operation in Ukraine. Minutes after President Putin announced this missiles began to strike buildings and airports within Ukraine. Putin stated that the purpose of Russia’s exercise is to solely demilitarize and denazify the Ukrainian government.

The United States is not deploying troops, but it still does not mean it isn’t possible.

Freshman Gavin Matthews has a cousin active in the US military who works with K9’s.

“My cousin his name is Noah Hanson and he works with k9 dogs in the military, I am worried that my cousin will be deployed because I have known him my whole life and if he get injured I will be very sad” Matthews said.

Although Russia claimed the country was purely targeting Ukraine, some speculate that Russia has darker intentions.

“I think Putin will try and do more than just Ukraine because he has a very messed up mind and Russia has one of the most powerful armies in the world. They want to spread communism throughout Europe, and I think it will be the biggest war since WWII”

Sophomore Micah Vessely.

With The United States being in NATO, an attack on NATO would be an attack on the US. This means many active soldiers would be deployed in Ukraine.

“My brother is in the Navy, I’m a little worried he will get deployed but I don’t think Putin is dumb enough to mess with the EU. With him being a seabee, they always go out first to build anything the marines or anyone else needs” Senior Owen Kendall states.

The question is if NATO is doing the correct thing by sanctioning Russia and not getting involved physically.

“I think it is smart what the United States and NATO is doing right now. It could be really dangerous and we don’t know much about what is going on over there. Later on if we know more then I think it would be the right choice to join in the fighting” Senior Sophia Davidson said.

In past wars, the US has stayed out of the wars until it was provoked. Is it safe to assume the same would happen here?

“ If you look at all the other major European wars, The US has always said that we aren’t going to be involved in these wars. And then you look at the Wrold Wars, we were kind of passive until we were provoked. This is kind of the template on how to oppose invasions and major conflicts. You say we are going to sanctions and we are going to trade, until something happens to where we get involved. So yeah I think we are doing the right thing,” Mr. Mushrush said.

A factor that comes into play in war is the number of people and ammunition a country has.

“I think the NATO is doing the right thing right now just because Russia is running out of bombs and ammunition to keep the war going, if Russia somehow continues with their terror I will hope that the NATO starts to do more” Vessely speculates.

As the war on Ukraine progresses, Russia seems to be at a slight roadblock as the Ukrainian army fights for their freedom of Russian influence.

“I am extremely proud of President Zelensky and the nation of Ukraine as they continue to hold back Russia. Putin expected to have taken control of the capital, Kyiv by now and Ukraine has been fighting their hearts out. I have never seen the world more united while we are all together rooting for Ukraine” Matthews says.

Part of the Ukrainian resistance gaining hope, the ‘Ukrianian Reaper’ and the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ have been astronomical morale boosters which have played a pivotal role in Ukraine’s success.

“After hearing about the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ and the ‘Ukrainian Reaper’ I could feel the hope from all the way over here in the United States. It is exactly what Ukraine needs to keep Russia out. Hearing about how the ‘Ghost’ has eliminated over 6 Russian fighter jets is so cool and the ‘Reaper’ has eliminated over 20 Russian soldiers” Duncan states.

Many have taken to social media to educate people on the difference between ‘Kyiv’ and ‘Kiev”.

“Kyiv is the Ukrainian version of their capital and it is the right way to spell it because it is their country, and they are currently independent. The Russian version ‘Kiev’ would kind of mean that we think it should be run by Russia, which is false” Davidson says.

A shocking detail that not many people expected is the hospitality the Ukrainian people are showing to the Russian Soldiers. Sources online say this is because the Ukrainian people know that the Russian soldiers are human too, and they don’t want war just as much as Ukraine.

“A thing that I find kind of heartwarming is that the people of Ukraine are tending to injured Russian soldiers and feeding them. I even saw this thing where some locals called a Russian soldiers’ mother so he could talk to her and tell her he is alright. It restores the faith I have in humanity, and I have also seen times where Russian soldiers are talking to the citizens saying how they do not want to fight. They are just following orders and they don’t believe in what they are fighting for” Kendall says.

This leads society to believe that no one, even the people of Russia, agree with President Vladimir Putin. The Russian soldiers do not agree, some of them are even so young they do not even understand what they are fighting for.

“I saw a video of this Russian soldier, who was confronted by Ukrainian citizens, who began yelling at him, questioning him on why he was doing this to them. The Russian soldier turned out to be just a kid, and you can tell he was scared because he broke down and began to cry. It breaks my heart to see things like that. I see the little kid in him and how scared he is that he might not make it home to his family. War is evil and ruthless, and there is absolutely no need for it. We have gone years without it and have been doing great” Vessely states.

There is no doubt that what is happening in Europe is devastating and frightening. It goes to show there are some terrible things that happen to great people. But if we take anything from this, it is that Ukraine has stood strong, and they have done it while being good people. Political figures have stayed in the capital and fought for their country, citizens are grabbing arms and joining the fight, but also helping out anyone in need, including Russian soldiers. The world has united with this war, and it may even bring the world closer together. It goes to show that there are still good people out there, and there is still plenty of hope.