Going out in style on a budget


Prom is just around the corner, and as most people know, it can get expensive.

Buying a dress or tuxedo can cost upwards of $400, $500, sometimes $600. With the additions to Prom driving up the price of tickets, students need to find options to save money.

Never fear, though, a handful of local places offer discounted options for Prom dresses and tuxedos.
Dresses are available firsthand, secondhand, borrowed or even rented.

Local Department, Mall and Discount Stores

Buying a new dress is obviously most expensive, but shopping at the mall might save girls’ money. Fore example, Macy’s, JC Penney and Windsor offer Prom dress that are far less expensive than the specialty boutiques that specialize in formal gowns.

David’s Bridal, located in the same strip mall as JoAnn Fabrics, carries Prom dresses at boutique prices but also offers sales racks as well as online sale prices. The Sewing Lady and Main Street Alternations in downtown Greenwood have selections of Prom dresses at reasonable prices.

There are some local shops that also offer discounted prices for Prom dresses and tux rentals. Bargain Bridal and Tuxedo by The Sewing Lady is a shop in downtown Greenwood that not only alters tuxedos and dresses but also sells them and offers tux rentals.

“Bargain Bridal and Tuxedo by The Sewing Lady offers designer Prom gowns for $99, and our tuxedo rentals start at just $89,” Ms. Diana Casey, The Sewing Lady owner, said. “We are a very laid back, very full budget store offering all shapes and sizes of formal attire. Offering affordable formal attire is what sets us apart from the bigger stores and shops that surround us.”

Prom and Bridal Glam Boutique, located approximately 20 miles away from Greenwood has Prom dresses on the lower end of the price range.

“Our dresses are discounted because we believe every girl and woman should be able to look amazing and be able to afford a designer dress without spending hundreds of dollars on a gown or dress. We have the most current trendy season’s gowns all year every year. We pride our store on having discounted prices with amazing dresses,” Ms. Betty Daniels, Prom and Bridal Glam Boutique owner, said. “We are a shop off the rack boutique, and our gowns are the current season’s top popular dresses, we carry sizes 0 thru plus sizes and can special order many of our dresses in different colors & sizes. We also carry fashionable jewelry to match any of our amazing dresses.”

Renting tuxedos might be the most common option when it comes to Prom, but renting dresses is slightly less common. Rent-the-Runway is an online renting service that allows members to rent up to four items at a time; Prom dresses and gowns are included. When looking at memberships, the first trial month is $69, and renting clothes costs nothing with a membership. After the first trial month, a membership costs $89 a month, but customers can cancel at any time.

Right now, websites like Facebook Marketplace are full of parents and girls trying to sell last year’s Prom dresses. Expensive Prom dresses purchased at boutiques for 2021 Proms are available for very little, especially as the time to purchase Prom dresses comes to a close. Do not hesitate to offer even less to a seller than the posted price because these people know they are running out of time to sell their dresses.