Affordable Spring Break Options

Some people do not have the luxury of traveling far for Spring Break or spending multiple days away from home. There are many solutions to this issue, including visiting local and affordable places over the break.

Even visiting a nearby city, such as Chicago, is an option.

“When I went to Chicago, we stayed in a hotel and enjoyed going to small places for food. We brought snacks and food with us so we didn’t have to buy anything there. It was a pretty easy and quick drive, and there was many things that were free to do. We walked around the parks and sat next to the river. There was also a market open with fun sausages, warm cider and hot chocolate. It was both inexpensive and fun to look around,” sophomore Kaitlyn Newett said.

Chicago offers many activities to experience and attractions to visit.

“I would definitely recommend going to the Willis Tower in Chicago to view the city from a new perspective. It is a museum that ends with an elevator ride that is around 100 stories up. It was a cool way to see everything, and it is definitely not for the faint of heart,” Newett said.

Visiting other cities could open the door to new places and experiences.

“In Chicago, we went shopping and window shopping to look at the new and upcoming fashion. We went thrifting which was a way more affordable way of shopping but it was just as good because of all of the high branded clothes. We decided to stray away from any chain restaurants and we only ate at small places or places that are unique to the city. We went ice skating, saw the Chicago bean, and visited a cute market place,” Newett said.

There are even opportunities near home that only take a portion of the day.

“Going to the park is always fun. It is a great way to get fresh air, it is free, and you can take friends or go by yourself. Freedom Park and Westside Park have walking trails as well, so you can just walk around,” sophomore Emma Baker said.

“Parks are nice because they are free and there is many nearby. They are good for all ages because you can play on the playground, walk around, or play other games,” Baker said. “Freedom Park is great for doing lots of different activities like walking, riding bikes, Ultimate Frisbee, or just hanging out with friends.”

Parks are also a great way to remember childhoods and have fun with family.

“Most people have parks within walking or biking distance of them, and I grew up going to parks with my dad and sister all of the time. I still go with friends a lot over breaks and weekends,” Baker said.

Parks are a good spring break option when the weather is nice.

“Spring break can be an iffy time due to weather, but on sunny, warm days, parks are a great way to have some fun and spend time in the sun and fresh air,” Baker said.