Students to travel oversees next spring

Elijah Poe, Editor In Chief

After a few years of not being able to travel to Europe, GHS plans to return to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. In June of 2023, Mrs. Ward will lead the group. You do not have to be enrolled in Spanish to take the trip. Everyone is welcome.

“Obviously with COVID we won’t really know because it is a year away. A lot can happen in a year, but every country has its own rules so we will know what they are when we get to that destination,” Europe trip leader Mrs. Melinda Ward said.

Morocco is a recently added spot and will be the first time the group travels there.

“I have never been to Africa and just crossing the Strait of Gibraltar the culture really changes so I think that will be amazing to experience.

The Europe trip is a great way for students to gain experience traveling and once in a lifetime experience.

“It is life changing, if you can do it definitely try and go. There is a popular commercial right now where a famous actor talks about that you’ll never regret the things you didn’t buy, but you will regret the places you didn’t go. That holds true with the Europe trip it is a great opportunity,” Ward said.

If students are interested in this great opportunity see Mrs. Ward for more information regarding the Europe Trip in 2022