Student Council Survivor hopes to bring up school spirit


Elijah Poe, Editor in Chief

Student Council has started a school wide Survivor challenge.

“We just want to do an event that everyone can participate in. We highly encourage everyone in the school to participate whether that be through social media or in person, we just want to increase school spirit. We will run it based on a point system basically, so the class with the most participation or correct answer for that week will get immunity and the others will not receive any points and will receive less hints for the next weeks challenge,” senior Quinn Kelly said.

After Spring Break there is a long stretch ahead to the finish of school, Student Council hopes the Survivor games will encourage students to finish strong.

“We know that the hardest time for school is the period of time between spring break and the end of the year because we have no breaks. So we wanted to make an interactive activity that would span a large portion of that time and give students something fun to do each day, hoping it would make school a little bit more enjoyable during that time,” senior Andrew Jones said.

Challenges will be located around the school and even around Greenwood as well.

“There will be tribes, and those members must post a picture of a video of them doing the actual activity. Then they will have to tag student council on Facebook or Instagram wearing their tribe color to show they did it. Each Class president will have a signup sheet the week we return from spring break and then we will go from there. Winning tribes will receive Ella’s Frozen Yogurt at lunch,” Mrs. Allen said

Kelly elaborated.

“We plan on doing different challenges each week like treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, and riddles. The team with the most participation will get that week’s immunity,” Kelly said.

The class Survivor war is a great way to get involved with class peers.

“This is just hands on, and to get the student body moving especially being around winter season, and you guys have been inside for months. Our hope is that this is going to get the students going,” Allen said.

Each grades tribe will be led by the class president for their respective grade.

“We defiantly want everyone to participate all around the school and in every grade because the grade with the most points or the last tribe standing will receive a prize at the end of the competition,” Kelly said.

Signups for the challenge begin the week we return from spring break.