Camilas offers great Mexican food


Ethan Pringle , page designer

The newest Mexican restaurant in town, Camilas, has gotten a lot of hype around it. So I went to test it out. It opened late last year in the new mini mall complex by the whiteland middle school.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was that the building itself  and the atmosphere was cool. The servers were singing, and it was giving off good vibes. They were also very polite to me and my family.

Every Mexican restaurant needs great chips and salsa. Theirs was overall pretty good, it was a little watery, and the chips were pretty salty, but I thought that it still tasted good. We also tried the queso and the guacamole which are the substitutes for the salsa, and they were both really good. I would rather have either one of them over the salsa.

I ordered a burrito, taco, and chicken and rice.

The burrito was really good and they put a lot of good stuff in it to fill it up. It was also very big; it took up almost the whole plate so I definitely got my money’s worth. The taco was just okay. It was not very full, and I just was not a fan. The shell got a little soggy. My favorite thing to get there is the aros com poyo. It is just chicken and rice with queso, and it is amazing. I recommend it. They put just the right amount of chicken so it is not overflowed with rice, and the chicken is cooked perfectly.

The last thing I reviewed was their overall service.They were very fast all night and brought drinks and refills out quickly. They also brought out the food shortly after we ordered, and the food was hot and cooked to perfection even with the fast service. They were also very friendly and nice to us.

 Overall, Camilas is a good restaurant, and I would recommend it to anyone in the mood for Mexican food.